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Our Goodness What Makes Us Special

Careers At Lauzon Logistics

Whether you’re looking for a career in supply chain logistics, operations, accounts, IT, customer service or sales, Lauzon Logistics is fast-becoming a workplace of choice around the world. Our ‘learn as you live’ culture and belief that nothing secures our future more than our people, means you’ll have every opportunity to excel.

Training and Development

  • Lauzon Logistics is committed to investing in the training and development of our team members so that they can meet both our customers’ expectations and sustain and grow a deep knowledge base in our team in every step of the supply chain
  • Lauzon Logistics employees are a dedicated team of the best and brightest in the industry and we are committed to training and development
  • Our in-house training experts coupled with the an in-depth interview and induction means a smooth transition into your Lauzon Logistics supply chain career
  • Our Business Integration Model forms a robust, ever evolving community across our National system. This allows all employees to network, learn and keep the best in the industry
  • Lauzon Logistics is a performance driven organization and we reward outstanding achievement regularly because we want you to get the best out of yourself and live up to your potential